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Free Shipping (AU) orders over $50
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Privacy Policy

Personal information

The Running Company - Launceston will collect and maintain personal information provided by its customers, including their names, addresses, mobile telephone numbers and email addresses. The information that is provided is completely voluntary.

How we use your personal information.

Shipping information

We will only use your postal address to ensure that the products purchased will get to where they need to be.

Customer service and follow-up

We ask for an email at the point of purchase either in store or online simply for following up to ensure that you are happy with both the product and service that you have been provided for our own reference.

We will only email you in extreme circumstances (ie a Pandemic) to notify you of any The Running Company - Launceston related store information which we feel would be beneficial to you as a customer of The Running Company - Launceston, we will not utilise this to direct email market to you.

No Third Party data sharing.

All data received by The Running Company - Launceston is taken in trust and good faith.

We will NEVER on sell any personal data for our own gain, we take and protect your privacy with the highest regard.

Thank you,

The Running Company - Launceston.